vilinski park

Fairytale park


During G-FEST, the Castle park will turn into the Fairytale Park of Dragon Kach.

The legend comes to life and invites children, parents, teachers and mentors into the fairy tale…

With their presence, active play and creativity, the children and everyone present are creating a fairy tale. With participating in this fable, they keep their love for the Forest, plants and animal life, as well as the fairy tale world alive.

Through creative workshops they will get acquainted with a world of fairy tale wonders, which functions as a means of encouraging sustainable and responsible actions and harmony between people, Nature and Life.

As a whole, the event is actually an Invitation to Forest, Invitation into the arms of Nature and peace, and – last but not least – an Invitation to Grad castle which is unique in Slovenia and probably also the rest of the world and deserves to be seen by the young and the old from all over the world. The living fairy tale might be one more reason for them to do so.