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It is no coincidence that G-FEST opening will occur on the 24th of May, the official European Day of Parks. This year Goričko National Park has been chosen as the Slovenian site of this important festive occasion.

The Goričko region is located in the North-East of Slovenia, between the Austrian and Hungarian border and consists of 11 municipalities. The Goričko Nature Park was established with the purpose of protecting the unique intertwining of natural elements with the agricultural landscape.

Goričko Nature Park is the Slovenian part of the Trilateral Nature Park, a unique area of preserved nature at the juncture of three states. The trilateral park unites Goričko Nature Park, Austrian Nature Park Raab and Hungarian National Park Őrség.

Castle Grad is the largest baroque castle in Slovenia. It is said to have 365 rooms in the five castle wings surrounding the courtyard. Measurements have shown that the earth here has high-energy radiation, so being inside the castle is supposed to have strong positive effects on one's health. The Knight's Hall, castle store, visitor centre and handcraft workshops are on display on the ground floor of the castle.

G-FEST will be taking place at various locations in the castle, in the courtyard and in the park.